At Footage Crowd, we care about preserving memories. Our collective history gives us perspective and meaning. So much of the story of the last century is preserved on archival home movie reels. Many families have that "old box" full of film reels. Most of the time, no one has seen the images on those reels. Most of the time, the films have images on them that are valuable to producers and media companies. Documentaries need fresh material not seen in the old newsreels. Our company was formed with the goal of providing free film scanning to the public to encourage the submission of films for archival stock footage. This means that anyone who has access to original film reels can have them professionally scanned free of charge. On the back end, royalties from the licensing of the stock footage is shared with the families. It is a win / win for all and with no barriers to entry.

To entertainment professionals looking for content for their upcoming projects, we offer access to never before seen material. Search our collection to see our home movie clips. Pay and download with ease.

Our Stock footage collection is mastered in the 1080p Prores coded at 23.98 fps. Our compression maintains these standards throughout the entire encoding process to ensure the highest quality archival stock footage.

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